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Paint locals • Resprays
Alloy Wheel Refurbishment
Dashboard Repairs • Windscreen Repairs
Paintless Dent Removal • Cigarette Burns

Resprays and Paint Locals

We are able to carry out paint locals (scuffs and scratches) repairs as pictured above to full vehicle resprays.

Scratches and scuffs

We know at Elite Smart Repair how easy it is to get these through our every day driving and how they can spoil the looks and value of your vehicle. We are experts at colour matching to ensure that we can spray the effected area (paint local) whilst blending in with the vehicles paint work, ensuring the ultimate professional finish that blends in perfectly with your vehicles original paintwork.


If your looking for a professional finish to your vehicle, whether it's a re-spray to change the colour or a re-spray due to tired and badly marked bodywork we can ensure a professional re-spray that will leave your vehicle looking brand new.